10 Acres at Retreat Property

 Log Cabin Retreat – 10 Acres

10 Acres at MarshviewIn 1999 Jim and Lynn persuaded the owners (and now among their closest Courtland area friends) to sell them a portion of the pasture and farmland adjacent to Sportsman Lake salt marsh and the Jamestown Wildlife Refuge.

The Elliotts, who had been long-time residents of McPherson, a city a hundred miles to the south, have had many detractors and naysayers — even among family and friends. But they continued to hold a resolute vision for this retirement place, a retreat home. This is a home place which they have built in which to retire. To obtain needed funds to develop the property, they rented out their McPherson home where they had raised their children, and they gradually liquidated many of their business assets in McPherson County.

This is their labor of love, their new home, and they wish to share the uniqueness of this place.
The property has its own characteristics and attractions — with nearby deep draws and small hills, magnificent overlooks. But also it is a place from which to venture out to nearby communities, historic places. It can be a locus from which to explore!

10 Acres at MarshviewIt is situated in the far southwest corner of Republic County of Kansas, just north of the county line with Cloud County. Historians enjoy digging into the past of this area, which figured prominently in Native American history and the travels and encounters of early U.S. military Great Plains explorers of the region. The Pawnee Village restorations north of here are owned and administered by the Kansas State Historical Society. Today the nearby settlements established by immigrant pioneers, mostly farmers, are still alive and active — some more so than others. They appreciate your visits. Several have unique museums.