Clock Tower Bridge

As you enter the property you will pass through Clock Tower Bridge.  The bridge is built with Western Red Cedar and measured 20 X 80 feet. It has a walking deck on the East side with windows you can look out over the water and landscape.  The arches on the bridge were bent by Jim Elliott by boiling and bending them in a jig and pulling the wood around the jig with a wench and letting it dry in place.  The clock tower consist of three 6 foot clocks made by the maker of Lexan, that is known as a bullet proof glass, and cut out with a laser cutter. The numerals are cut and chemically welded to the Lexan and set with a jig to make them all perfectly consistent with each other. The clock and bridge are beautifully lit at night for a wonderful ambiance you will experience when you drive through.  One of the highlights of your stay can be a personal guided trip up into the clock tower to see for yourself just how it was built. Check out how the bridge was built and much more on the photo tour page -click here.

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