Log Cabin Retreat – History

History: The Elliotts, and how the original Log Cabin Retreat home came to be.

Sportsman's Lake Salt MarshIt was in the Winter of 1999 when Jim Elliott was enjoying some hunting on the north pond of Sportsman’s Lake salt marsh. As the sun set, the view to the hills of the eastern slope shown golden, in artistic grandeur. The rays bathed an old abandoned stone cabin, and the whole view was breathless.

Jim was smitten.

Shortly thereafter, Jim and Lynn Elliott visited their soon-to-be-friends of the Courtland area — who owned the eastside pastureland. Short story, they were able to purchase ten acres, now their acreage.

Building the CabinAs time passed, they spent more and more time at the property. They began building. They liquidated some of their McPherson County and McPherson city business assets to provide needed funds. Their new retirement home, now a retreat home, slowly took shape.

Some of you know that Jim and Lynn live faith-centered lives. As natives and long-time residents of McPherson, they had set their roots there, raising a family, and being active in the business community. Both are graduates of Central Christian College of Kansas, in McPherson. The college is a Free Methodist church-related college which proudly develops young people for careers and service in church and communities. The Elliotts met and married at Central.

However, when their sons left home, married, and built their own families — Jim and Lynn found that Log Cabin Retreat was their new magnet. They envisioned this to be their retirement home. And, true to form, they enjoy sharing it with others.

They even changed their church home to a new congregation in Concordia.

Log Cabin Retreat at MarshviewThe retreat home has become their dream come true — and it has become a new endeavor. Even though they retain a few of their business interests in McPherson County, the new vistas in Republic County and that area are where their lives are now centered.

You will enjoy meeting the Elliotts and partaking of their willingness to share. Experience the good life at the Log Cabin Retreat, Snow Goose Lodge, and The Bunkhouse!