The Maple Experience


When youIMG_0999 come and stay at Snow Goose Lodge you can enjoy the experience of making Maple syrup. Jim and friends, Brandon and Ryan Shrader, have been making sugar for the past several years. They tap Maple trees in Republic county. It is a unique phenomenon of weather that make the tree sap flow so it can be collected into buckets to evaporate down into syrup. Idea tapping conditions are below freezing at night and above freezing during the day. You can see the old New England style sugar shack that Jim has built to evaporate the sap down to Maple syrup. This process normally takes place in January, February and March but it is fun to see the sugar shack anytime you are here. Many people think that only Sugar Maples can be taped for syrup but any maple tree has a sugar content there are many soft Maples tapped in Wisconsin and Minnesota.  There are trees that have been tapped for hundreds of years and are still producing sugar.  This is a unique experience you will love to see during your stay.